Oy.. Getting nervous

Advice post.

I commissioned an artist back in May for an icon commission because they had fallen on hard times, while also giving them a $25 donation.

In the time since this artist has posted multiple personal pieces, fixed up their website, done Patreon VIP streams/commissions, and posted multiple GFMs for living expenses.

I'm getting nervous because the paypak window closes in November, and every time I ask about my commission it's 'lack of moviation' 'i'll get to it soon', or 'dealing with life'.

I get it, I really, truly do, however while they've responded to my quiries about the commission, it's not been completed, and now i'm facing a moral dilemma.

Do I contact them one more time before the deadline closes and subsequently file the chargeback? Do I warn them? Do I not bother?


Commission Terms of Service - Price guide - Refund Policy

Last updated: June 14th, 2018
What was changed: Prices, Examples, Removed several bullets, Condensed sentences,

Current Queue:

First and foremost:
This is a contract between you and I. I reserve the right to refuse service to any one, for any reason. I have the right to change my policies, prices, and so on at any time, I will always date at the top of this contract when I updated and what.

How do I know when you're open for commissions?
Simply contact me on any of my listed websites with an inquiry, and briefly describe what you were looking for, and I will respond as soon as I am able if I am willing to accept your commission at that time.

I will only accept payment via PayPal.
I will not begin work until payment has been sent.
All commission payments are to sent through the "Goods and Services" option with "No shipping required" checked. Do not send it as a gift, or your payment will be refunded so you can send it back properly, this is PayPal's policy.

Art process
I work solely in digital media.
I unfortunately do not livestream, and I do not offer private streaming at this time.
For commissions I will send a work in progress for each applicable step (Sketch, inks, etc) and a sketch for you to approve before I continue with the inking and coloring.

If you are commissioning on behalf of someone else using their character, I would appreciate if you got permission first, and I will ask for proof of approval in the form of a screenshot. It is also your responsibility to have them read these terms of service.

You are free to post my work to other websites or your own personal galleries. The only thing I ask is you credit me as the artist and/or provide a link back to my Weasyl/Twitter.

Depends on amount of work completed.

Copyright and Ownership
I hold the copyright and ownership to the work (Paid for or not) whether it is posted on my gallery, or yours. I do not mind where it is posted so long as my watermark (If any) remains intact, and credit is given, please.

Subject matter I will not draw:
Scat, Cub porn, Soiled diapers, Rape, Bestiality (Zoo, Feral on Anthro, etc). If you're unsure, please ask! Overall if i'm not okay drawing something, i'll tell you, and try to find you an artist willing to meet your accomadation.

Contact methods
I prefer initial contact through Weasyl Private Message or Twitter Direct Message. If your commission is approved, conversation will continue through Telegram.

By reading this and commissioning me you agree to these terms presented before you, and when commissioning me, you agree that you have read the rules and terms presented above.

Price list:
Please note these are single character prices. Second characters are charged at a rate of 1/2 the base cost. For example, a two character full color piece will start at $60. Two character ink only will be $38, etc.

Colored Sketches - $20 Example Example 2

Inks - $25 Example

Full-colored image - $40 - Example Example 2
The most amount of characters I am comfortable fitting into an image is three. Three Character pieces will start at $95.

Icons - $20 - Example Example 2

Couple Icons - $35. These will be individually cropped for your use.

Reference Sheets - Not available at this time

My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic - $20 for one Pony, $35 for a couple. Example

Don't see something here you're looking for? Do you need something else done? Such as Business Cards? Logos? Decal Design, etc? Please reach out to me on any of the websites listed and describe it to me. If you want to discuss via e-mail, I must ask you at least try one of the websites listed, I prefer not to give my e-mail out publicly until I make a new business account.

Websites I am found on:


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